Before you decide on a Winner boat, make sure you read the story of the boats, the company, and what makes the Winner optimists different. If you need to ask a few questions we are only a phone call away. In fact we encourage you to call to discuss your needs first, as we might be able to suggest a package which best suits your needs, in consultation with you, Mum & Dad, and your club or coach. Each boat is manufactured by precision craftsmen in a dedicated optimist building factory in southern Denmark.

The Boats are sold as packages complete with the world’s best optimist components. They arrive fitted and ready to rig in an export carton.  We aim to package your boat so that when you receive it, you unpack it, rig it, and go sailing!



PACKAGE IS NEW – New 3D Star boats

The new 3D Designed Optimist – build in NEW CNC milled moulds! 

  • IOD hull incl. all fittings and ropes 
  • High-grade fibreglass reinforced polyester 
  • Biaxial cloth for reduced torsion 
  • Low friction bottom 
  • Special, Ergonomic Winner toe-straps. (Perfect Grip) 
  • Winner advanced mast step – low friction 
  • Non-slip in front of the daggerboard case 
  • Orbit block-system incl. Optilink 
  • I.M. Form & Reg. book
  • N1 Foils/Winner Foils
  • Optimax M4 Race Rig Complete
  • Trolley, Quilted Covers Delux
  • Bailers/paddle


    Prices may vary – please contact Winner Optimist for a detailed quotation to meet your exact needs.