Winner Optimist is fanatical about quality. To make sure that every boat that leaves DK is 100% Winner quality, we have invested in the the most high-tech and environmentally friendly Optimist production facility.

So how can we offer a 5 year warranty which is more than double that offered by other manufacturers? Simple. Winner strives to have the best experience, best knowledge, best materials, best craftsmen, and best factory. This dedication defines the purpose of the company, and the result is a boat that in one year or in ten will be performing better than the competition. The 5 year warranty is a measure of the companies confidence in your boat.

The NEW 3D Star

Winner’s passion for excellence, led them to look at the Denmark 12 Ti hull and improve it further even though it was already the best in the world.

The Denmark 12Ti was scanned and then analysed by a leader in the Finite Elemente Method. Then one of the best 3D CAD engineers used these results, water tests and FEM test, in combination with Winner knowledge and feedback from sailors and coaches from throughout the world.

The result was the 3D Star, using 3D milled moulds – it’s so good it deserves a 5 year warranty.

See the full story on the dedicated page for the new boat – DenMark 3D STAR