Winner Optimist Australia was established in 2011 to bring the world’s leading Optimist brand to Australia. The boat’s are awesome, and many of you will know the brand already from New Zealand, or the few boats that were imported into WA some years ago.

We are so excited about the new fully optimised 3D Star. Check out the full story on this site, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to explain why they are so good. There’s no doubt about the Danes – I guess they’ve been making boats since Harold Bluetooth! (Ask your parents!!)

The first Australian Winner Team was launched in 2012, and congratulations to James Grogan, Blake Selley, Jayden Dalton, and Maz Quirk. Since then we have had young champions like Lachy Brewer, Rome Featherstone, and Axel Fleet and dual National Champion Otto Henry, and many others who have sailed custom team boats, and enjoy some other benefits like great gear from Winner. THis year we added Jack Ferguson to teh list of Winner Team National Champs – 2017

Please call if you would like to discuss whether a Winner boat might be right for you. Look forward to speaking with you… Nigel Rose

Ready To WIN?

Winner Optimist has been making International Optimists for over 40 years. Winner Optimist enjoys a reputation for excellence in everything they do, from making your Opti, to the Winner Team sailors that are supported around the world. But above all else it’s all about supporting young sailors, and producing the best possible boat for you to enjoy and help you excel in the sport! They are manufactured in a dedicated temperature and humidity controlled factory in Faaborg Denmark, by boat builders who are the best in their field. A fanatical emphasis on quality means the hulls are guaranteed for 5 years. No other manufacturer can match that. So it means the Winner Opti you buy will be last longer, and have better performance and resale value over the life of the boat.



I visited the factory in September 2011. I couldn’t believe what the Danes could do with a roll of fibre glass and a bucket of resin. Actually there’s a little more to it. They have sourced the world’s best fibre glass, stiffer foam boat bases from Sweden, and only the best yacht fittings from manufacturer’s you know and trust like Optiparts, Ronstan, & Harken. They even rest the boats for a few weeks at the right temperature before shipping. I learned that the last maturation of the fibreglass chemical recations must occur slowly at the correct temperature, so that the perfection acheived from the CNC milled moulds is maintained in the boat shape and strength after construction.

The Winner philosphy is: The best materials and the best craftsmanship generate the best boat!

The gell coat is the best that money can buy, allowing the surface of the boat to be finished with a more hydrodynamic surface. The fibreglass is 50% more expensive that other glasses, giving superior torsion resistance and stiffness. Adhesives used are the same as those developed to bond the blades of wind generation turbines. When tested by composite institutes the results showed they were also the best material for an Optimist dinghy.

So you see, there’s heaps of great reasons to choose a Winner. Winner Opti’s are sailed in over 60 countries around the world. We’re really proud to be associated with Winner and give you the chance in Australia to own and enjoy a Winner Optimist Dinghy.

Winner Optimists………………. The Name Fits!…………..