The first Team Winner Australia was be established in 2012

Want to be a part of it? – Read on!


The overall goal is to ensure that more sailors are enjoying the fun of sailing and the Optimist class, and that the experience, which top sailors achieve from hours of physical training and hours of sailing, is handed down to the next generation of sailors.

World wide WINNER is the dominating factor in the Optimist class and we feel obligated to ensure that the optimist class is continuing to grow and develop. We would love that as many kids as possible get the chance to learn to sail and enjoy being on the water.

We are so “lucky” that we have top sailors in many countries and so we not only collect know how from the Danish sailors, but from all of the top sailors around the world. Winner Teams are truly global which ensures that young sailors all over the world get access to unique know-how from the worlds best Optimist sailors.

Authorized WINNER dealers have committed themselves to support a group of top sailors and thereby making sure that the know-how is collected and shared.


Our main demand is that you are a good role model sailor who is willing to share your expertise with the rest of the team and thereby ensure that young sailors benefit form your know-how. It also means that you must be an active member of the Team’s activities and even more important, you must give feedback to the group (it could be your opinion on gear, trim, tactic, training methods) and then you must all so be a good sailor.

“You haven’t won the race, if in winning the race you have lost the respect of your competitors.”

WINNER are so lucky that we have some of the top sailors in the world and we are sure that nearly all of them fit the above description and therefore we also end up turning down some top sailors. But we hope that they understand that this project’s main goal is not to support the top sailors but to make sure that the know-how which the top sailors develop is handed out to as many sailors as possible. 

And I’m sure that if you have a question regarding trim, tactic or gear one form the team will be more than happy to help you.


  • Personalised WINNER 3D STAR Hull in white for 2012 members
  • High performance N1 Foils.
  • Rig system, choose between Black gold or MkIV.
  • Optipart trolley with big wheels and safety lock.
  • WINNER bailers and paddle.
  • WINNER covers – delux padded covers
  • You also get WINNER shirt and cap.
  • Opportunity to share tips and knowledge with Winner Team Members from throughout the world.


Prepared to be an active member of the National Team?

Planning to sail your WINNER at local events & State and National ranking events in the 2016-17 seasons.

Able to report results / feedback to WINNER via e-mail.

A role model sailor who competes hard but fair on the water, and who is striving to be their best on and off the race course.



All have white hull outside. Inside is light grey with dark grey non-slip.

All 3D Star hulls are guaranteed for 5 years. Read in detail about Winner Optimists to learn about where they are made, and the new fully optimised hull. We know you’ll love them.

Winner Optimist boasts the most World and European Champions of any Opti brand. The world’s best sailors gravitate to the world’s best equipment.


2017 Winner Team Applications are NOW OPEN – closing Monday 13th Feb 2017.

To become a part of the Winner Team AUS, you must fill out the form found at the WINNER TEAM AUSTRALIA tab and go to team application.

Fulfil as many of the criteria as possible. Applications are open to Opti sailors in the top 40 National Rankings after Nationals, and Sailors with top State based results. All boats will be allocated at the discretion of Winner Australia. You must order your team boat by Feb 13th 2017. Your new team boat will be ordered and ready for delivery in May-June 2017. Your personalised Team boat will bear your name and cost only $4250.00. This is a very large reduction for Team Winner Members and is sponsored by Winner Optimist Australia in association with Winner Denmark. There is also Winner Gear in teh package.

If you wish to discuss any facet of the boats or the Winner Team – just call anytime. Don’t forget – get your applications in by Feb 13th. We look forward to receiving them. Good Luck.


Winner Optimist Australia

Team Winner Australia